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Here's What We Do Better

Our innovation consultants use multiple methodologies to deliver hands-on value to future-forward initiatives like digital transformation, tech trend spotting, m&a diligence, and master data management.
Our S&OP consultants apply an insight-led approach to CXO strategy development, the unification of BI, partner marketing program management, go-to-market activation, and human capital priorities.
Our Lean Six Sigma team delivers full process studies, strategy development, and tactical oversight for turnarounds, x matrix policy deployment, and other continuous improvement initiatives.


Traditionally, strategic plans leave the execution up to the tactical deliverers with limited bandwidth for CXOs to re engage in decision-making. 

There are numerous issues with this approach:

  • Pressures at the tactical level to more nimbly operate and react to modern challenges require more day-to-day strategic alignment and access to accurate data.
  • Delivery of modern-day initiatives are reliant on collaboration with disparate departments that lack the insights to predict roadblocks and outcomes.
  • CXOs need to be able to rely on their tactical delivers to perform to expectations without getting in the weeds often – or ever

We believe the most solvent strategic plans have a 360 degree view of implementation. Adding a level of responsibility at a stratecution layer – between strategy and implementation – can be a game changer, especially for less nimble organizations such as government, defense, and other highly-regulated industries.

This is because an accountability layer can more nimbly assess and react to ROI-impacting decisions while minimizing risk that occurs from strategies being lost in translation.

As strategic advisors, we help our CXOs establish a clear vision on how to drive sustainable competitive advantage, reduce risk, and increase profitability.
C2 Strategy
As stratecutioners, we serve as translators to bridge the gap between strategy and execution and ensure KPIs are established and are being tracked and managed.
C2 Stratecution
As tactical deliverers, we provide mid-level, hands-on or behind the scenes resources to add depth and deepen insights within tactical execution.
C2 Execution
From strategy to stratecution, then execution

Getting to the root helps us identify the true strategic levers required for growth. We believe our approach to strategy gets to the root of the solution faster and more effectively. C2 holistically approaches our engagements by dissecting and rebuilding a foundation for strategy, stratecution, and implementation.

Immersion wherever possible. Internal champions required.

There are a lot of bright minds  – our “internal champions” – that have a seat at the table at C2. We invest in our own SMEs for specialist knowledge in the areas of:

  • Lean consulting & process improvement
  • Analytics & business intelligence
  • Risk mitigation
  • Security & infrastructure
  • Cloud computing
  • Application development
  • Marketing activation
  • Innovation & digital transformation
  • AI: deep machine learning
  • Partner / channel marketing
  • Thought leadership and positioning

And even though we love working with IT, government, healthcare, and telecommunications organizations, we also have industry-specialists who have excelled in developing successful outcomes for clients in the following areas: advertising, automotive, architecture / construction / real estate, energy / oil & gas, consulting, consumer product goods, education, food & beverage, hospitality, insurance & finance, legal, manufacturing & supply chain (3PL), nonprofit, SaaS, security, “Sin” – alcohol & green industries, sports & entertainment, telecommunications, travel and transportation.

Tools & methodologies

Myth: Humans use 10 percent of our brains (source: 1907 edition of the journal Science)
Truth: It turns out, the majority of our brain is activated all the time. 

In other words, our brains are ready, willing, and able to learn from and adapt to a wealth of information. 

Design Thinking is how we explore and solve problems. Lean and 5-Whys are our frameworks for testing our beliefs and learning our way to the right outcomes. Agile is how we adapt to changing conditions.
– Julie Chadbourne, Founder

Here are a few of the proven methodologies & tools we like to use wherever possible:

Design Thinking. This is the construct for how we like to explore and solve problems. ideology / process involves solving complex problems in a highly user-centric way. This solution-based approach focuses on generating ideas with a specific problem in mind, keeping the user at the heart of the process throughout. Combined with Lean and Agile – it’s the ultimate trifecta toolkit!

Lean Six Sigma. This conceptual framework for continuous improvement extends far beyond the plant floor and into every aspect of a company’s business. It combines two of today’s most pressing, fundamental factors that affect growth and longevity: improving quality and reducing waste.  Lean can be applied to every major industry in the world; we also apply Lean Startup fundamentals for innovation and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Agile. This methodology is used to address evolving demands and solutions through a collaborative effort of self-organizing, cross-functional teams and customers. Agile can transform c-level decision making, breaking organizational silos that present barriers to communication and collaboration, improving agility and speed to market. Enterprises and government agencies in particular are challenged with creating innovative, cross-functional, and multidisciplinary teams that generate growth. The demand for increased skill sets has become paramount across the entire organization.

5 Whys. This discovery technique is a powerful way to get to the root cause of a problem for effective decision-making. The method is remarkably simple: when a problem occurs, you drill down to its root cause by asking “Why?” five times. Then, when a counter-measure becomes apparent, you follow it through to prevent the issue from recurring.

Oh, and Gartner. We love Gartner. (champion mindset – analytics rule!)

Insight-led, un-consultants for modern-day leaders.


From Enterprises and SMBs to Government and Non-Profit organizations, our clients feel the pressure to be more nimble than their business models typically allow. All the while, the pressure to react to and adopt advancements in modern day technologies is accelerating.

Pressure to Innovate Quickly
Relying too much on acquisitions for the innovation strategy reduces the focus on true disruptive innovation
Unifying & Using Business Intelligence
Lack of centralized insight impedes the ability to drive informed decision-making at executive and operational levels
Modernizing Disparate Legacy Applications
Bloated, old systems require a global replatforming, digital transformation initiative to reimagine master data management
Stalled Corporate Initiatives
CXO initiatives get lost in translation when stratecutioners are M.I.A.
Achieving Customer-Focused Outcomes
A customer-focused organization is determined by how well you foster a true culture of innovation from the inside out
Not-So-Omnichannel Programs
Repair misalignments in the customer journey to measure and improve net promoter scores and customer satisfaction
Not Evolving DevOps Support Staff With The Enterprise
DevOps doesn’t fit into legacy business models and gets left behind, is underfunded, and lacks necessary training on evolving tech
Human Capital Management
Retention, attrition, professional development, performance management, CSRs, millennial recruitment equally need top-line initiatives for HCM growth
Cross-Departmental Collaboration
All top-down initiatives require real collaboration; it’s critical to planning, delivering, tracking, measuring, reporting on, and learning retrospectively from corporate programs
Widen Sales Channels
Implementing channel programs like partner marketing to reduce the cost of R&D, increase speed to market, and widen the net of the client base
Incentivizing the Right Behaviours
Identify gaps in the KPIs and CSFs to improve how you can get the best - and most - from your team
Evolve Retrospective Learning
Two-way conversations are in, anonymous surveys are out
“Use it or lose it” year-end contract spending
Impacts leverage, pricing power, and ROI, but high year-end workload contributes to low morale and poor retention for employees and subcontractors
Grow Without Selling
Non-value added waste weighs down margins and increases the burden on overworked staff to sell more and do more
Security & Accessibility Risk Mitigation
Insufficient budgets, strategies misaligned with incremental plans, and lack of training / upskilling expose the company to risk
Bruce Carnohan
I had the honor to work with Scott and to review and exchange creative and systematic ideas in the field of Kanban materials management processes. Scott’s gift is to ask the right questions at the right time and to use the information to develop both simple and creative visual control systems to quickly and effectively balance inventory, demand, and supply. His bandwidth of experience and solutions to complex problems under aggressive time constraints is a huge advantage Scott brings to any implementation project. He is a confident leader!
Robert Limbocker

Scott was hired to work the internal and external supply chain and to help us reduce our Work In Process Inventory and Inventory dollar spend. Scott proved that he could teach, implement and garner results. WIP inventory turns went from 2.1 to 4.2 by year-end and inventory real dollars dropped from $22.4M to less than $18M by the end of the accounting year. Scott’s model is still in use, even though he has moved on a real testament that his teaching, process and theory work! I would highly recommend Scott to any organization, or manufacturing unit looking to improve the bottom line with real dollars.

Dave Porter

I have been privileged to work with Scott on several lean engagements as a consultant to our company (New Standard Corporation) and most recently, with Scott as our Director of Lean in a very significant brown-field integration. During this integration, Scott and I were engaged in the development of standard work for the facility, and the hiring and lean development of a workforce of over 100 associates. Also during the startup, Scott was intimately involved in the development and implementation of an inventory system, along with developing current and future state value stream maps and implementation of those VSM’s. Over 25+ years of operations management and dealing with lean consultants, Scott has distinguished himself not only with his depth of knowledge of Lean, but more importantly, he is one of the rare breeds of consultants that can actually implement lean on the shop floor. He has the knowledge and tools to use both in the shop floor associates, but equally important, Scott has the knowledge and skills to develop the management disciplines required to support the floor level lean initiatives. I highly recommend Scott to any organization that is interested in implementing a lean manufacturing and management approach.

Dan Brown

Scott’s systematic approach to problem-solving, real root cause analysis, team building, and people skills along with a true understanding of manufacturing processes drive results unparalleled to those that just know the tools. He knows how to use them in real life. The results seen took this plant to the next level! If you have the opportunity to work with him, you will not be disappointed.

Dave Ritchey

Scott ensures that every engagement has a People First culture. This approach allows the results to be significant and sustainable as the team members buy-in to making the journey to World Class. Always a pleasure to work with and engage in Strategic initiatives that drive bottom-line results.

Bryan Beasley

The best part about Julie is her unyielding work ethic. Mix in her talent for all things media and Julie is one of those rare people that get’s things done. It’s one thing to talk about what you want to achieve, it’s another to actually take the steps to make it all happen. I’ll always be Team Julie!

Helen Curtis

Julie is an excellent business operations and sales process expert. Whilst working with Julie she demonstrated 200% commitment to her work and she wasn’t afraid to make big and tough changes which improved the sales and marketing processes within the business and had a significant impact on profitability.

Lauren Worden

Julie is one of those rare managers who also naturally serves as an inspiring mentor for her whole staff. She exhibits strong interpersonal skills and a unique capacity for empathy. These qualities most notably translate in her ability to motivate a team to care about a project and be invested in the project’s success. She was always the go-to person for conflict resolution and problem-solving; when disagreements happen in the boardroom, she steps in to diffuse tension and induce compromise. Julie has great leadership qualities. She was always able to organize her team and get them to perform scheduled tasks on time. She was the best boss anyone could ask for.

Mike Freeman

Julie is one of those few characters that always deals with you in a direct manner. She doesn’t “beat around the bush” or just tell you what you want to hear. She’s clear and upfront and approaches issues head on. From a personnel perspective she’s able to manage a wide range of different types in the office. From the high strung marketing / sales people to the quiet developers, she’s able to effectively communicate with them on their own level. I find this to be one of her best assets. In terms of project/team management, she’s second to none. She’s organized, thorough, and is 6 steps ahead of a project. Her knowledge of the field allows her to solve problems in a unique manner, specific to each problem. This comes in handy when there’s a need for a random product, she usually knows of something out there similar. I’d recommend Julie under any circumstance. She has the ability to adapt to her surroundings and provide immense value to any team or organization.

Nick Smith

Julie is a fantastic all-rounder … engaged whole heartedly in the development of the business strategy, whilst at the same time dedicated to the detail. She was also an important part of my personal development by asking the right questions and more importantly listening to the answers and providing honest feedback. I really enjoyed the time we worked together!

Andreas Forsland

Julie has strong project management and people skills. While at Philips, she demonstrated proficiency in getting complex projects done despite a lot of ambiguity. She has a go getter style, and is a joy to work with.

Jo Dunkley

Julie has an outstanding ability for detail. Julie has a great can-do attitude and one of the qualities that I loved about her was that if she felt that something was great for the business she would work with you to in some way make it happen.

Jack Campbell

Julie is one of those rare people who immediately understands a business challenge and who is able to put together an effective plan of action to convert the challenge into an opportunity. I enjoy collaborating with her not only because of her many skills … she is an enthusiastic and fun person to be around and most importantly Julie is a Can-Do-Person that gets things done.