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t C2 Consulting Firm, we go by many names: C2, C Squared, and more, but there’s one thing that stands firm – our vision.

We believe that – at the bottom of the abyss of your business lies a vast well of data and untapped resources just waiting to be surfaced. This data personifies the potential of a business; the larger the gap between the surface and the knowledge, the great the opportunity to regain control of your future. 

We also believe that:

  • Smarter organizations invest in iterative solutions for the continuous betterment of their people, processes, and products or services.
  • There’s a lot to learn from challenges that adjacent industries have overcome.
  • The collection of and access to qualitative and quantitative data is paramount.
  • Innovation initiatives like digital transformation can do more than disrupt an organization; they can frame an entire foundation for a sounder, more viable future.
  • Viable strategic plans have a 360 degree view of areas impacted by implementation, along with dedicated staff to facilitate the transtion at every level.
  • A stratecution layer is critical to bridging the gap between strategy and execution so that CXO initiatives don’t get lost in translation.

Abraham Maslow:

“If the only tool you have is a hammer,
you tend to see every problem as a nail.”


Julie is a veteran entrepreneur and strategist with two decades of S&OP experience. She has worked with a wide range of early-stage startups and multinational corporations such as AT&T, Bain, Brizi, Canon, Cisco, Coca Cola, Department of Homeland Security, HCA Healthtrust, Ferrari, Nationwide Insurance, Philips N.V., and Vought. Her areas of expertise include corporate innovation and digital transformation strategy development, lean process optimization, corporate culture turnarounds, m&a brand consolidation, and millennial retention initiatives.

Founder, Lead Partner

Frank is a coveted advisor and strategist with two decades of technology experience. He has played a leading role in strategic oversight, IT services optimization, and application design for local, government, and multinational corporations such as Alcatel, British Telecom, Ferrarri, MGM Grande, Texas Instruments, and The City of Dallas. His areas of expertise include digital transformation technology implementation, blockchain solution development, security & accessibility migration, global application replatforming, and unification of business intelligence systems.

Partner, Technology

Scott is an elite mentor and stragist with two decades of lean operations experience. He literally wrote the book on Process Controlled Manufacturing (published 2009). He has worked with a wide range of automotive, aircraft and defense corporations including BAE Systems, Danaher, New Standard Corporation, and RH Sheppard.. A certified Lean Master Black Belt, Scott focuses on the development of continuous improvement processes for operations and all supporting functions of strategic planning and turnaround management.

Partner, Operations


Our insights can help you do more and sell more with your business. Here are a few of our perspectives that we’re keen to share. Let us know what you think!

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Our innovation consultants use multiple methodologies to deliver hands-on value to future-forward initiatives like digital transformation, tech trend spotting, m&a diligence, and master data management.
Our S&OP consultants apply an insight-led approach to CXO strategy development, the unification of BI, partner marketing program management, go-to-market activation, and human capital priorities.
Our Lean Six Sigma team delivers full process studies, strategy development, and tactical oversight for turnarounds, x matrix policy deployment, and other continuous improvement initiatives.