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The Power of a Partner Marketing Program

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Do you have a partner marketing program? Partner marketing has been a staple of the growth strategies in enterprise level technology firms. Today, channel partners, vendors, and publishers of all shapes and sizes recognize the impact that partner marketing can have on achieving their mission critical growth.

Benefits of partner marketing

IMAGE-Blog-Partner MarketingPartner marketing goes by many names: co-marketing, reseller partner, channel partner, etc.

Whatever you call it, the benefits are the same. If you’re looking to increase your brand ambassadors, program funding, product (or service) distribution or even customer acquisition, in general, it may be time to consider a partner program for your business.


Components of a partner marketing program

Finding new channels and maximizing the potential of those channels is the ultimate objective of partner marketing. With that said, supporting a new marketing channel may require a shift in how your company will structure and deliver content and ultimately support the full lifecycle of a partner marketing program.

Here are some ways to get started:

  1. Establish goals for program
  2. Identify shortlist of potential partners
  3. Develop processes for oversight
  4. Evaluate marketing automation and PRM tools
  5. Create partner sales campaigns

As a supplier, it’s also in your best interest to position yourself as a one-stop resource for your channel marketers to help nurture those leads through the sales lifecycle to ultimately close the deal. Consider also implementing a concierge program. This can close the loop in your channel program to further support you partners and their success.

What’s next?

Take the steps to evaluate how your business can be more competitive in the marketplace and what a partner marketing program can mean o your business. Our channel marketers at C2 Consulting can help you evaluate, develop and even find partners for your new program.

When you’re ready, contact us for a free consultation.