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Time Management Secrets for Entrepreneurs

Time management secrets of entrepreneurs

You know what I love? Making lists. My house, office and phone are full of lists. My better half and I painted a wall in the kitchen to write inspiring messages, but we only use it to make lists.

So, you can imagine how badly I want to do is give you a list with time management secrets of entrepreneurs. There are plenty of lists already on the Internet – and they’re great.

What if I told you that a list won’t fix your woes? A list is meant to invoke action, inspire change – like Mary Poppins; it’s not meant to have an instantaneous effect like a shot of Heroin. If that were the case, our company wouldn’t exist.

Here’s what I know about entrepreneurs

You may have a hard time letting go, because, no matter the size of your business, you own it.

And, you may feel underappreciated and underpaid sometimes, because you have worked so hard to build this company and are ultimately responsible for your success or failure.

And, you know how every “department” functions because you wear a lot of hats- all of them.

And those hats require you to be creative, analytical, thought-provoking, action-oriented, a quick decision maker, careful considerer, a leader, a follower, and that’s all before noon.

Time management might not be your problem

Wearing “all the hats” is likely your problem.

Choose one hat, narrow your focus and expand from there. That’s the one and only item that should be on your “list” of time management secrets for entrepreneurs.

And, when you are willing and able to invest in delegating responsibility, do it (we’ll talk about this subject of “willing and able” later). Besides, there’s no such thing as one person doing everything well. I’m sure you’re smart, but you’ll be way smarter and more respected when you decide to stop doing everything half-way and start doing one thing really well.

Make sense? Good. Now, let’s talk about getting you a better hat.

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